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What Physiotherapy Means

Physiotherapy is a health care profession concerned with the assessment, maintenance and restoration of physical function of the body. It is a form of treatment without medicines that uses physical means (electrical and manual) thereby reducing the possibility of the side effects. With emphasis on manual skills patients are guided through movements that focus on functional improvement and increased mobility. 

This upcoming field is beneficial in management of wide range of injuries including sports injuries (sprain,strain,muscle pull), back & neck pain (spondylitis), postural problems, occupational injuries, arthritis (Joints paints), amputee rehabilitation, spinal cord injuries (Paralysis), Post Polio cases, chronic air travel disease, rehabilitation following cardiac surgery, stroke rehabilitation (Hemiplegia), asthma management, paediatric cases (Neurological-PT Cardio respiratory-PT & Orthopedics-PT), geriatric problems, pre post surgical conditions, Obstetric & Gynae (Prenatal, Peri-natal, Post-natal) and also important means for fitness and endurance training to sports individuals.These health professionals can work in health care setting such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, private practice, rehabilitation centers, patient's homes, fitness centers, sport venues, aged care centers, industrial set ups, nursing homes and educational institutions.

Physiotherapists also work with community organizations and as consultants, academicians and researchers.